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May 3, 2011

Dental Implants for Le$$/ What is the Catch?

Dr. Chilcoat @ 11:20 am

Dental Implants for Le$$? What is the Catch?

Here’s a question we’ve been hearing quite often lately. How can Dr. Weinstein offer dental implants for so much less than I’ve been quoted by other offices? By paying less, I must be giving up something important such as implant success, the surgeon’s level of expertise or the quality of the dental implant, right?

Don’t Compromise Experience and a Superior Product!

Dental implants, quality product with superior success

Thommen Medical SPI dental implants

As a high volume dental implant surgeon, Dr. Weinstein is in a unique position to provide his patients with the same high quality, successful dental implant hardware system that he has used for the last 10 years with incredible success. The only difference is the cost. With over 30 years experience in placing dental implants, Dr. Weinstein has researched and used many of today’s popular dental implant systems, often serving on a team who evaluated the systems before their release in the U.S. Dental implants have a success rate of about 97% over 47 years of research. Dr Weinstein has used the Thommen SPI Dental Implant for almost 10 years. Thommen Medical is a Swiss company headquartered in Waldenburg, Switzerland. “I have noticed that I have actually had an increase in my success rate for dental implants since using the Thommen system”, says Dr. Weinstein.

All dental implant systems function in the same basic manner

  • The implant is placed into the bone without trauma to the bone
  • The implant itself is made of a material which will not be rejected by the body and is inert such as titanium.
  • The implant is given an afunctional healing period of 2-4 months after initial placement before applying a functional load on the implant.

For more information on the Thommen Medical SPI dental implant system, click here.

With Dental Implants, you can eat,laugh,talk and smile again with confidence!

A Simple Premise:

Dr. Weinstein offers dental implants for a lower fee than many dental implant specialists because he feels that the best treatment options with the highest success rates should not be priced out of reach for the average patient. When dental implants are easier to afford, patients are more likely to make decisions about their oral health that will be successful long term, provide the most desired results and have the greatest impact on their quality of life.

No more band-aids! You can afford to have your teeth fixed once and for all.

Our fees for dental implants do not include a substantial markup. We charge just what we need to cover our costs and make a modest profit. Dr. Weinstein believes in dental implants as the gold standard for tooth replacement and wants every patient to have access to this great treatment option. The bottom line is that our patients do not compromise quality of care, procedure success or appearance for cost. In fact, most of our patients find that they receive a superior level of patient service, compassion and personal attention from our team. The only thing affected by our lower fee is the income for the practice.

Do Your Research, Check Around, then Give Us a Call!

For more information on Dr. Weinstein, the Thommen Medical Dental Implant System and our Practice philosophy, visit our website. It is important to be an informed patient. Understanding dental implants and all your options empowers you to make the best decisions about your oral health. We have included information on our website to assist you in arming yourself with knowledge. Click here to go to texaswisdom.com now.

Regain your confidence, your quality of life and your SMILE!

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