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February 7, 2013

Top 10 Dental Pins On Pinterest- And Some Honorable Mentions We Love

Dr. Chilcoat @ 1:36 pm


Pinterest is a website giant in the world of social media.  Do you Pinterest?  Dental offices and dental specialists all over the country are having a great time on Pinterest, sharing information, dental educational tools and silly dentist jokes.  At Texas Wisdom Teeth and Dental Implant, we wanted to find out what some of the most popular dental related “pins” on Pinterest are.  Here is our Top 10 List of Dental Pins on Pinterest, for your enjoyment!  Feel free to share these if you like and pin, pin, pin!

# 10 Dental Cookie Cupcakes 162 Repins!

dental cookie cupcakes

By Ellie’s Bites










#9 Dental Office Parking, 168 Repins

Dental Office Parking Only Sign

Dental Office Parking Only











Get it here: http://www.MyParkingSign.com

#8 The Worst Job In The World!  164 Repins

Dental Cartoon The Worst Job in the World

found on unique dental care.com











#7 No Grinding!  231 Repins




No Grinding Dental Cartoon

No Grinding Dental Cartoon repinned 231 times
















#6 I Want YOU To Brush




I want you to brush your teeth poster

Our #6 Popular Dental Pin has been Repinned 233 times!

















#5 Home Remedies To Alleviate Dental Pain-  308 Repins!




Toothache Picture

#5 “Home Remedies for Dental Pain” 308 Repins

















#4 Flossing With Legos  352 Repins




Flossing With Legos photo

#4 has been repinned 352 times we got it from abcand123learning.com
















#3 Dental Education and Marshmallow Teeth  354 Repins




Marshmallow Teeth Project- Ironic?

Does anybody else thing that making teeth from marshmallows for a class project is ironic? 354 people repinned this one.


















#2 I Can Brush My Teeth! 398 Repins




I Can Brush My Teeth Dental Educational Project

#2 Has been repinned 398 times from lessonplandiva.com

















#1  Dental Office or Museum Exhibit? 407 Repins




Dental office or museum exhibit?

I’ve heard this is actually an exhibit at a science museum. Who knows?














Honorable Mentions:

While being the most popular on Pinterest is a great thing, here are some pins we love even though they haven’t been re-pinned 100’s of times (yet).   Hope you enjoy!

Dental Nostalgia ad for Cocaine Tooth Drops

Dental Nostalgia Dental History advertisement








Do It Yourself Tooth Extraction

Do It Yourself Tooth Extraction









Dental Implant vs. Bridge Infographic

Dental Implant vs. Bridge Infographic




































peace love and dental hygiene

Peace, Love, Dental Hygiene


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