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July 16, 2017

We’ve Got The 411 on Wisdom Teeth & Removal In Dallas

Dr. Chilcoat @ 1:52 pm

I’m feeling better after wisdom teeth removal in Dallas. The wisdom teeth are the third molars that often erupt between ages 14 and 24 or so. Some people still get their wisdom teeth into their late 30s. If you have them, you may require wisdom teeth removal in Dallas.

Got questions about these third molars? You’re not alone. Our team has put together a handy FAQ to help answer everything you need to know about wisdom teeth.

Q: Why do we have wisdom teeth?

The wisdom teeth are a centuries-old holdover from when humans needed an extra set of teeth. Back then, we ate a rough diet consisting of tough meats, roots, and other difficult to chew items. And dental hygiene wasn’t much of a thing, either. When most people got of a certain age, they were missing at least one back tooth.

These days, our diets have gotten softer and our cleaning habits have improved, but the majority of people still have wisdom teeth. (If you have a few minutes, read interesting research about why some people don’t have wisdom teeth in Live Science.)

Q: Why are they called wisdom teeth?

These third molars usually appear in late adolescence or early adulthood, the time when most people are thought to have gained wisdom. High school teachers/professors of college freshman everywhere might disagree.

Q: Do wisdom teeth always need to be removed?

Nope! Some wisdom teeth present no problems, and therefore do not need to be removed. There isn’t anything necessarily bad about having these third set of molars. It’s only when they start causing problems (i.e. pain, crowding, infection) that extraction should be considered.

Q: When do wisdom teeth need to be extracted?

When there is not enough room in the gums for the extra teeth to come in, or when they become trapped beneath the gums, extraction may be the best response. A number of things can go wrong with these third molars, including…

  • The wisdom teeth come in at an angle, placing pressure on the surrounding teeth.
  • A tooth becomes trapped in the gums, caught under a flap where bacteria builds up and causes infection.
  • One or more of the wisdom teeth are infected beneath the gums.

Q: Is preventive extraction a good idea?

Even if the wisdom teeth are healthy, a dentist or oral surgeon may recommend extraction anyway. It’s always easiest to remove teeth at a younger age. If wisdom teeth show up on a teen’s x-ray and look like they could cause problems if they do erupt later on, acting first could save time, expense, and discomfort later on.

Q: Do I need an oral surgeon in Dallas for tooth removal?

A: Some dentists offer wisdom tooth extractions as part of their services, but to ensure you receive the most expert care, it’s best to visit an oral surgeon. That’s especially true for more complex cases, like an impacted or infected wisdom tooth.

Q: How can I get started?

The team at Texas Wisdom Teeth LLC performs a range of tooth extractions — especially wisdom teeth. If you or a loved one have third molars that need to go, please don’t hesitate to request an appointment for expert removal today!

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