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April 22, 2013

Affordable Dental Implants- Affordable Enough For You!

Dr. Chilcoat @ 1:42 pm

You Can Afford Dental ImplantsWhen thinking about replacing missing teeth with dental implants, you might throw the idea away because you are afraid of the cost. While it is true that dental implants are the most effective, reliable and natural feeling option for tooth replacement, the preconception that there is no such thing as affordable dental implants couldn’t be farther from the truth!

You Can Afford Dental Implants

There are some important facts to consider about replacing teeth, whether you need a single tooth replacement, multiple tooth replacement of full mouth dental implants.

Dental Implants Are:

· 97% Successful over more than 50 years of research

· The most reliable and natural looking/feeling treatment option

· Stronger than even natural teeth; eat what you want!

· A mainstream treatment option which has recently become more affordable than ever for patients

Save On the Cost of Dental Implants Without Compromising Quality of Care

As Dallas’ fair price leader, your Dallas dental implant dentist, Dr. Robert A. Weinstein, believes that implant dentistry should be affordable for everybody. Since they are usually the ideal treatment option for missing teeth, dental implants should not be reserved for only those of exceptional means.

When you have your dental implants procedure done by one of our trained oral surgery specialists, you will receive:

  • Fees up to 50% less than our competitors


  • Proven, highest quality dental implants backed by over 50 years of research and experienced surgeons                       with over  30 years experience in implant dentistry


  • Personal treatment planning attuned to your specific needs and desires


  • An easy, comfortable experience each step of the way


  • Easy financing and payment plan options


  • FREE Companion airfare voucher to send you on a vacation to celebrate your new smile!

(Limited time; while supplies last)

To Schedule Your Personal Consultation and Receive Your Affordable Dental Implants Treatment Plan,

CALL US TODAY! Check out our Specials Page for more information on how we make

We Make Dental Implants Affordable For Everybody


April 3, 2013

Oral Surgery And Your Personal Safety

Dr. Chilcoat @ 9:27 am

Patient safety in the oral surgeon’s office is at the top of people’s minds this week due to recent developments in the news regarding infection control.  While the world will always have a few people in it who behave irresponsibly and without regard for others, the good news is that the overwhelming majority of healthcare providers take patient safety very seriously.  In fact, at the oral surgery office of Dr. Robert A. Weinstein, we make patient safety our number one goal in everything that we do. In order to give our patients an inside look at the measures we take to ensure patient safety and infection control in our practice, we offer the following information.

It Starts With Sterilization

instrument sterilization in the oral surgery officeIn a surgical setting, the number one thing we do to prevent transmission of disease is to sterilize our instruments.  Every surgical instrument from retractors to forceps and even dental handpieces (drills) are steam and pressure sterilized utilizing a hospital grade autoclave.  First, the instruments are cleaned of any visible soil.  After that, they are inspected to make sure they are functioning properly and intact before being placed in an individual wrapper.  Once wrapped, the instruments are sterilized in the autoclave, destroying any living microorganisms including bacteria and viruses.  The autoclave itself is tested on a regular basis to ensure that it meets the prescribed conditions for sterilization.

Disposable Instruments

Whenever possible, disposable instruments are utilized in order to further ensure sterility, patient safety and prevention of contamination.  Disposable instruments include dental needles, suture needles, scalpel blades, drill burs, suction tips, irrigation tips and other instrumentation. These disposable instruments are for single patient use only, and come packaged in sterile wrappings.

Prevention of Cross-Contamination

Sterile instruments are not enough to ensure safety of the patients in our practice.  We take precautions to prevent cross-contamination (contamination of a sterile instrument by coming in contact with a non- sterile surface).  In order to prevent cross contamination, the clinical team is well-trained in aseptic technique when handling contaminated items and while providing surgical care to a patient.  The use of aseptic techniques when handling soiled instruments, working in the mouth and other activities helps ensure that blood and fluids are contained and not spread to surfaces or patients.

Disinfection and Barrier Usage

All hard surfaces in the operatories and clinical areas of the office are kept clean and disinfected utilizing an antimicrobial and antiviral disinfectant productsantiviral/antimicrobial surface disinfectant after each patient.  All surfaces which are likely to be handled during patient care, such as the dental chair, light handles and other instruments are covered with a protective barrier or fitted with a disposable instrument to prevent exposure from patient to patient.  In addition, all employees utilize disposable protective equipment such as gloves, masks and gowns to reduce the risk of cross contamination.  Personal hygiene including proper handwashing techniques and other methods of personal hygiene help reduce the risk of exposure as well.

Careful Compliance With State And Federal Protocols

State and Federal agencies such as OSHA, The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners and the Centers for Disease Control require careful compliance by healthcare providers.  The protocols and preventive measures described by each of these agencies are detailed and meticulous.  Dr. Weinstein insists upon compliance with the guidelines and regulations in place.  In addition to the annual infection control/safety training required by law, Dr. Weinstein provides quarterly safety and infection control training to his clinical team.  Dr. Weinstein also insists that in addition to the basic life support certification requirements, his clinical team is certified to provide Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) in order to be well prepared for any patient safety situation.  He has received a certificate of compliance from the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Office Anesthesia Evaluation Program.  Dr. Weinstein invited the State of Texas to perform a voluntary OSHA inspection in order to ensure that the measures taken in the office were in complete compliance with all safety guidelines and requirements.  He received a letter of OSHA compliance and recognition for his proactive commitment to patient safety.

For more information about State and Federal infection control protocols and patient safety requirements, you can visit



TSBDE Infection Control Policy

March 19, 2013

Cost of Dental Implants

Dr. Chilcoat @ 12:42 pm

You Can Afford Dental Implants

Dental Implants Cost

We just made this symbol smaller!

Restoring your oral health and function can make a huge difference in your quality of life.  Planning for it can be overwhelming, but we can help. Think of the end result compared to the way life is now.  For example, you may have difficulty chewing and enjoying foods you love.  You might be self conscious about your teeth and avoid smiling, laughing and talking.  Making the decision to restore your dental health and function with dental implants can mean all the difference for you.  Imagine not having to worry about people seeing missing teeth when you laugh,  think about eating a nice steak, in public, without having to worry about your denture falling out!

This all sounds great, and dental implants are obviously the treatment of choice for many, many people.  The fact remains, that something is standing in the way for you. Something important is keeping you from enjoying everything life has to offer when you don’t have to think about your teeth.  The cost of dental implants.

While they are rather expensive, the cost of dental implants is actually much more conservative over time than other treatment methods such as dentures and bridges.  Non-permanent treatments need to be replaced and remade after a while.  A dental implant does not.  If you wear dentures or have a dental bridge, you still have to think about them whenever you eat, and over time they can break, become loose, stop fitting properly and cause a myriad of problems.  While dental implants are not perfect, they do have advantages in that they are more cost effective over time, they do not decay, and once they are in, healed and sound, you have a 97% chance that they will last you over 50 years.

Dental Implants Cost Less Than You Think

At the Dallas oral surgery practice of Dr. Robert A. Weinstein, dental implants are what we do.  For this reason, we offer unique, affordable fees for your tooth replacement.  For details on dental implants cost, check out or seasonal specials.  For most patients having uncomplicated dental implant treatment, the cost per implant is $1665. This fee includes a standard abutment (the attachment the white porcelain tooth crown is built on).  Most dental implant centers will charge a separate fee for the abutment.  Patients who do not require a custom made abutment attachment enjoy having this fee all-inclusive in the cost of their implant.   In some cases, other treatments such as bone grafting may be needed, and we know that you will find that our fees for these additional treatments are very reasonable.

New Dental Implant Patients Receive a FREE Companion Airfare Voucher

Free Companion Airfare for Dental Implants Patients

Share This Dental Implant News

Because we appreciate our patients, and enjoy having the opportunity to provide clinical expertise, personal care and compassion to our dental implant patients, we are excited to offer each new patient a FREE Companion Airfare Voucher when they come in for their treatment.  For a limited time, and only while our supplies last, our patients can take a trip, once their dental health is restored, to show off their smile! If you’ve been thinking about dental implants and have been hesitant because of the cost, now is the time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Weinstein.  You can plan your treatment side by side with your doctor, take advantage of our low fees on implants, and even work with our business office specialists to plan an easy budget friendly plan for your treatment.  To top it off, you’ll receive a free companion fare when you come in for your treatment.



We know you want to eat, laugh talk and smile with Confidence!  Give us a call today at 972-960-1111 and schedule your initial consultation.  Take advantage of all that dental implants have to offer!

March 12, 2013

Spring Has Sprung! It’s Wisdom Teeth Season.

Dr. Chilcoat @ 1:11 pm
wisdom tooth team

We're Ready For Wisdom Teeth Season

The changing of seasons means something different to everybody.  Springtime in Dallas means baseball season, flowers in bloom at the Arboretum, and the opening of Six Flags.  To an oral surgeon, springtime signals the beginning of Wisdom Teeth Season.

We Call Them Wisdom Teeth

If you didn’t know that wisdom teeth have their own season, you are not alone.  Very few people actually spend much time thinking about the pesky little buggers that your dentist keeps warning you about.  Call them wisdom teeth, third molars, or anything you like, they are the topic at the front of mind for dentists and oral surgeons across Dallas at this time of the year!

As Predictable As Final Exams

How does a tooth get its own season, you ask?  It’s very simple, actually.  Wisdom teeth usually become a problem and are recommended for removal by your dentist when you are in your teens and early twenties.  This period in your life just- so happens to coincide with your high school and college years.  For most students, school breaks and summertime are the most convenient times to see an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth surgery.  Naturally, wisdom teeth removal patients tend to flock to oral surgeons, like Dr. Robert A. Weinstein, between March and August so treatment doesn’t interfere with studies and activities.

Oral Surgery is Not So Bad, And You Get Ice Cream!

The good news for you, if you are a student facing wisdom teeth removal, is that having your wisdom teeth surgery rarely requires more than a couple of days for recovery.  Surgery is easy and comfortable, and Dr. Weinstein’s patients sleep peacefully through the whole thing.  Surgery takes about 45 minutes, and you can bring someone with you to keep you company and offer moral support.  When you’re all done, you’ll get an ice cream!

If it’s Wisdom Teeth Season for you, give us a call.  We are ready to take excellent care of you!

February 21, 2013

Moms Schedule Wisdom Teeth Removal During Spring Break

Dr. Chilcoat @ 1:45 pm

Being a mom is a thankless job a lot of the time.  It’s a good thing we don’t do it for recognition, we do it out of love!  Raising teenagers is especially trying, especially when it comes to balancing what they want with what they need.  Although you probably won’t be nominated for  the “Mom of the Year” award when you schedule your teenager for wisdom teeth removal surgery, you can make sure that the experience is as easy and as painless as possible for both you and your teen.

This time of year, we at Texas Wisdom Teeth and Dental Implants start seeing a lot of teenagers whose dentists and orthodontists have recommended wisdom tooth surgery in order to prevent dental crowding, gum disease and other dental conditions.  Because having wisdom teeth extracted most often involves a period of recovery time and at least one day missed from school, we find that school breaks like Spring Break and Summer Vacation are especially popular times for teens to have the third molars removed.

This year, most Dallas area school districts are closed for the Spring holiday from March 11-15.  We are reserving extra time for wisdom teeth patients during Spring Break, and are scheduling these appointments now.  Here is what your teen can expect when it’s time to have their wisdom teeth extracted:

  • Easy scheduling!  We can work with your schedule to make a plan that works for you and your student.
  • Our caring and friendly team understands the fear and apprehension many people experience when facing oral surgery.  We know nobody WANTS to have oral surgery, but we can help make it easy and comfortable.
  • Sleep through it!  Our patients appreciate being able to sleep right through their oral surgery, never having to deal with injections, noise or anything remotely uncomfortable during treatment.
  • Knowledgeable clinicians and staff to answer all your questions and help you understand your treatment.
  • Acceptance of most dental insurance plans to help you save the most money on oral surgery.
  • Special “one low fee” pricing on wisdom teeth surgery for patients who don’t have the benefit of insurance coverage for the procedure.
  • Interest free financing for oral surgery procedures
  • Personalized patient care that keeps you in control.  Your teen can choose their own pre and post operative entertainment, select their favorite flavor for exam gloves and they will even get to choose their favorite ice cream upon their in-office recovery from surgery.

If you know you have to schedule your student for oral surgery or wisdom teeth extraction this spring, don’t wait until it’s upon us, go ahead and make your reservation now in order to take advantage of our special rates, extended schedule and the fact that they won’t miss any school.

We’re here when you are ready!




February 7, 2013

Top 10 Dental Pins On Pinterest- And Some Honorable Mentions We Love

Dr. Chilcoat @ 1:36 pm


Pinterest is a website giant in the world of social media.  Do you Pinterest?  Dental offices and dental specialists all over the country are having a great time on Pinterest, sharing information, dental educational tools and silly dentist jokes.  At Texas Wisdom Teeth and Dental Implant, we wanted to find out what some of the most popular dental related “pins” on Pinterest are.  Here is our Top 10 List of Dental Pins on Pinterest, for your enjoyment!  Feel free to share these if you like and pin, pin, pin!

# 10 Dental Cookie Cupcakes 162 Repins!

dental cookie cupcakes

By Ellie’s Bites










#9 Dental Office Parking, 168 Repins

Dental Office Parking Only Sign

Dental Office Parking Only











Get it here: http://www.MyParkingSign.com

#8 The Worst Job In The World!  164 Repins

Dental Cartoon The Worst Job in the World

found on unique dental care.com











#7 No Grinding!  231 Repins




No Grinding Dental Cartoon

No Grinding Dental Cartoon repinned 231 times
















#6 I Want YOU To Brush




I want you to brush your teeth poster

Our #6 Popular Dental Pin has been Repinned 233 times!

















#5 Home Remedies To Alleviate Dental Pain-  308 Repins!




Toothache Picture

#5 “Home Remedies for Dental Pain” 308 Repins

















#4 Flossing With Legos  352 Repins




Flossing With Legos photo

#4 has been repinned 352 times we got it from abcand123learning.com
















#3 Dental Education and Marshmallow Teeth  354 Repins




Marshmallow Teeth Project- Ironic?

Does anybody else thing that making teeth from marshmallows for a class project is ironic? 354 people repinned this one.


















#2 I Can Brush My Teeth! 398 Repins




I Can Brush My Teeth Dental Educational Project

#2 Has been repinned 398 times from lessonplandiva.com

















#1  Dental Office or Museum Exhibit? 407 Repins




Dental office or museum exhibit?

I’ve heard this is actually an exhibit at a science museum. Who knows?














Honorable Mentions:

While being the most popular on Pinterest is a great thing, here are some pins we love even though they haven’t been re-pinned 100’s of times (yet).   Hope you enjoy!

Dental Nostalgia ad for Cocaine Tooth Drops

Dental Nostalgia Dental History advertisement








Do It Yourself Tooth Extraction

Do It Yourself Tooth Extraction









Dental Implant vs. Bridge Infographic

Dental Implant vs. Bridge Infographic




































peace love and dental hygiene

Peace, Love, Dental Hygiene


January 16, 2013

My Week In Nairobi On a Dental Clinic Mission (Part Two)

Dr. Chilcoat @ 3:19 pm
Smiling happy faces in Nairobi

The smiling, happy faces of some of the children.

What a life changing experience to spend a week living with and serving some amazing people in one of the most wild and beautiful places on Earth!  Nairobi is a place of stark contrast. Beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife, old culture and traditions are set against some of the most destitute of living conditions.  It is a place of very few means.  Cities are filled with slums unlike anything we see in the United States.  Houses are fashioned from scrap, one on top of the other.  Many have no windows, only skylights made from water bottles, allowing slivers of light into the tiny homes.  In the midst of the dirt streets littered with debris, the scrappy shacks and a small river of something (I don’t want to think about what it is) running through the middle of the street I am struck by the colorful beauty and joyful attitude of the people here.  Handmade dresses in bright, colorful patterns, smiling faces, the beauty and elegance of the people seems out of place in such a rough setting.

So, You Think You Are Poor?

My first impression upon taking it all in:  Here in the U.S. if you think you are poor, if you lament your life because you don’t

The second largest slum in Nairobi

Traversing the streets in Nairobi's second largest slum.

have an I-pad or a BMW; If you think you are struggling to make ends meet, you are still rich.  You have not seen poor anywhere back home, not like this. How blessed we are, and how few of us appreciate our good fortune.

While poor, the Kenyans I met in Nairobi are not to be pitied.  Life has a different meaning when material wealth is taken from the equation.  People give of themselves, lend their skills and talents to others freely.  People smile and laugh, not because they have just upgraded their cell phone, but because they are successful at life in a way that so many of us fail.  They have joy in their lives.  They have a sense of community.  They live to see another year, and appreciate it.

Dentistry Under Armed Guard

I don’t mean to romanticize my experience too much. There are unpleasant realities on the prowl in Nairobi, as is true in most depressed and poor areas of the world.  Traveling through town, through the slums, and to and from my host’s home every day, armed security is required.  The organizers of the dental outreach clinic will allow work only during the daylight hours, and caution strongly against venturing out on your own.  The clinic itself has armed guards providing security at all times.

The True Recipients of Gifts

Dr Robert A. Weinstein on dental mission in Kenya

Dr. Weinstein, Dr. Hyodo, Dr. J. Weinstein

I was the guest of one of the dental clinic organizers, Dr. Michael Hyodo, who keeps a residence nearby.  Dr. Hyodo is the Director of World Ministries International, and runs dental clinics in Nairobi. His support and efforts helped make this dental outreach clinic the largest in Kenya’s history.  During the entire week that we were there, the mood and the feeling, everywhere you went, was like a holiday.  People were happy and excited that we were there.  Some of the dental patients had never seen a dentist before, and didn’t even own a toothbrush. People came from near and far in droves to attend the free clinic.

I spent most of my time working in the clinic with dental students, passing along some of my decades of experience to a new generation of dentists. I learned how to make surgical caps in the sewing room, and brought back a few as souvenirs. Having something to offer people here means something. Giving something as simple as the dental care we take for granted, or some of your time, is good for your soul. Hundreds of people were helped through this dental clinic, but the true recipients of the gifts were all of us who were a part of it.

Interested in supporting dental outreach around the world?  Contact Dr. Robert A. Weinstein.


photo collage from Nairobi, Kenya Dental Outreach Clinic

More photos from the Dental Mission Trip




January 8, 2013

Dental Outreach in Nairobi- A Fulfilling Experience

Dr. Chilcoat @ 9:30 am

Personal Growth Through Service

A third year dental student at USC’s Ostrow School of Dentistry, my son, Joshua Weinstein is passionate about his career choice.  Josh is always excited and motivated to work and to help others.  I took it with a grain of salt the first time he mentioned that he would like for me to accompany him on a dental outreach mission in Nairobi.

Kenyan dental outreach mission

"This experience... to do good for people will change your life, Dad".

“This experience and opportunity to do good for people will change your life, Dad”, he said. He had spent time in Africa before, providing dental care and humanitarian aid to some of the poorest communities in the world.  As the idea began to take hold in my mind, I began to realize that the scale of this outreach project was much greater than the ones I had participated on previously in Mexico and other countries.  I also decided that having an opportunity to positively impact the lives and health of people who had never even seen a dentist or, in many cases, never used a toothbrush, was something I could not let go.  Having the opportunity to work on a project like this, side by side with my son, seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime chance.  I had to go.



Dental Supply Companies Help The Cause

In the weeks leading up to the mission trip, I was able to secure generous donations of supplies and instrumentation which

Dr. Weinstein, Josh Weinstein and Dr. Hyodo

Taking a break from the long day

would be needed to provide these patients with safe and comfortable oral surgery services.  Through the generosity of Colgate, Henry Schein and ACE Surgical, I was given many supplies that would be needed to take care of patients in the temporary clinic with the same high standard of care and safety that I provide in my own Dallas oral surgery practice.  What didn’t come in through donations I provided myself, and relied upon the supply donations which were made to the Outreach Project through corporate support and private donations.

In mid-November, I began to tell some of my patients here in Dallas about the mission trip.  I was getting really excited about going.  A patient of mine with familial ties in Nairobi told me that she knew about the dental clinic.  She knew people who were traveling from up to 100 miles away to get in line for the clinic.  Some of her coworkers at a local bank were also from Nairobi, and I began to receive regular updates about the excitement building over there in anticipation of our arrival.  Knowing that people were coming from so far away, a month in advance, to have the opportunity to receive professional dental services was very humbling.  I awaited our departure date with great anticipation.

The Road To Nairobi

The Doctor(s) Weinstein, providing care to a patient

The Doctor(s) Weinstein, providing care to a patient

Traveling to Nairobi is no small feat.  After almost 2 full days, two long  intercontinental  flights, we arrived tired, but excited.  The clinic was being housed in an open-air structure with one wall and three curtains.  Normally used as a church, the structure was literally transformed overnight into a modern and functional dental clinic.  The supplies and much of the equipment had not arrived, and were delayed 2 full days.  Somehow, we were able to scrounge up what we needed to take care of those who had been waiting with patient anticipation to receive dental care for the first time in their lives.  The participants of the USC Dental Humanitarian Outreach Project consist of students and faculty of the dental school.  A student run organization, the Kenya Project is their largest endeavor so far, and is also the largest dental outreach project in Kenya’s history.

I Am So Proud To Have Been A Part Of This

Dental Outreach in the second largest slum in Kenya

Touring the poverty stricken slums near the clinic

In all, 51 dental professionals and 37 support people spent one week in the second largest slum in Kenya, providing quality dental care, hygiene instruction, supplies and treatment to some of the most amazing people I have ever met.  I am so proud to have been one of them.

In the coming weeks, I plan to share the experiences and insights I gained during this week of service.  I hope you enjoy reading about it.  If you would like more information about future missions organized by USC Dental Humanitarian Outreach, or to make a gift, follow this link.

More Photos

December 13, 2012

The Death of a Dental Implant: Prevent Implant Failure

Dr. Chilcoat @ 10:46 am

If you have one or more dental implants, or are considering dental implants for tooth replacement, you might think that once you have your implants, you won’t need to worry about seeing your dentist again.  While it is true that dental implants can be a permanent solution for missing teeth, they are not without susceptibility to failure. 

Permanently successful up to 98% of the time, dental implants are by far the most predictable, reliable and permanent treatment option.  Like anything else in life, nothing can be guaranteed 100% of the time.  Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors that help dental implants to stay with you for the rest of your life.  What are dental implants?  Find out by clicking this link.

How To Be Part Of The 98%?

If you are investing in tooth replacement with dental implants, you want to do everything you can to make sure that your treatment is a success.  To help ensure that you are part of the 98% success rate, there are a few things you should know about dental implants.  Being well informed about the limitations, possible complications and best practices for implant success will help you keep a strong, healthy smile for a lifetime.   Click this link for information about the cost of dental implants.

Most Dental Implants Which Fail Will Do So Within The First 6 Months

The most critical period of time for a dental implant occurs between implant placement and complete osseointegration (the process of the implant becoming firmly set in bone).  If a dental implant fails, it will almost always do so during the initial healing period.  There are several clinical factors which can contribute to implant failure during the healing period after initial placement.  Some of these factors include poor dental hygiene, systemic diseases such as diabetes which can interfere with healing, infection, and failure of bone healing.  It is extremely important to follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding dental hygiene and clinical follow up in order to help ensure dental implant success.

Professional Cleaning Required

In addition to keeping your teeth, implants and gums healthy with good personal oral hygiene at home, it is important to maintain regular dental check- ups and professional cleanings with your general dentist.    Although dental implants cannot decay, the gum and bone tissue around them are still susceptible to periodontal (gum) disease.  The leading cause of dental implant failure beyond the initial placement is gum disease.  Keep your gums and implants healthy by maintaining your professional dental cleanings and check -ups.  Have your implants inspected every 4-6 months to detect excess wear and potential problems early.


Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

Watch Now!

Take Care of Problems Promptly

If you detect any problems with your dental implant, see your dentist or oral surgeon right away.  Problems with dental implants will not heal themselves, so if you experience anything unusual with your gums or implants, it is a good idea to have them examined right away.  You will help to ensure the highest success rate possible as well as a lifetime of healthy smiles when you maintain your dental implants and follow the instructions for care provided by your dental implantologist.



October 24, 2012

Dental Emergencies Always Seem to Happen At the Exact Wrong Time

Dr. Chilcoat @ 11:40 am

Tips For Coping With The Cost of Tooth Extraction

Emergency Tooth ExtractionAs a working mom, scout leader and a parent with kids in multiple activities, my day is pretty busy.  In fact, I rarely get the chance to slow down long enough to catch my breath these days.  If you’re like me, when life moves at a speed less than 100 miles per hour, it almost feels like something is wrong.

My life is definitely a far cry from “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, in fact it plays out more like “Lifestyles of the Stressed and Over committed”.  If you can relate, then this post is for you.

As an oral surgery professional, I’ve learned a few things that are absolute truths when it comes to tooth extractions, dental emergencies and the unexpected.

Your Teeth Will Almost Always Choose the Most Inconvenient Time to Rebel Against You

If you have a big life event coming up soon, are traveling out of the country or getting married, you might want to schedule a dental check- up before the big day.  For some reason, painful or unsightly dental emergencies such as an abscessed tooth, fractured tooth or broken dental crown always seem to happen right before a big event.  Perhaps it’s the added stress surrounding the event which exacerbates an existing problem.  One thing is for certain when it comes to tooth extractions- they are almost never expected by the patients.  It also seems extremely predictable that problems such as toothaches, swelling and abscess begin late on Friday nights, causing their victims to cope with pain and discomfort all weekend long until their dentist office opens on Monday morning.  If this happens to you, my advice is to go ahead and call your dentist’s emergency phone number for help and instructions.  If you need to have the tooth extracted, and must be referred to an oral surgeon like Dr. Robert A. Weinstein ask your dentist to call on your behalf to schedule the appointment.  Your dentist can relate the urgency of your situation much more clearly to the oral surgeon’s office.  The chances of getting a same-day appointment for your tooth extraction increase significantly when your dentist makes the call.  Our Dallas Oral Surgery practice makes it our policy to schedule same day tooth extraction appointments whenever possible in any urgent situation.


An Emergency Tooth Extraction Will Happen When Your Wallet is Thinnest

If you have just returned from an expensive vacation, just paid for your daughter’s wedding or have just maxed out your benefits under your dental plan, watch out, because these are financial circumstances which seem to set you up for requiring emergency oral surgery or a tooth extraction.  Again, schedule an appointment with your dentist every 6 months to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.  Catching problems before they become emergencies is the best way to avoid unexpected costs with tooth extraction.  If an emergency does happen, and you find yourself at the oral surgeon’s office with a big toothache and a thin wallet, don’t panic.  Good communication with the business office team is the key to success in this situation.  You would be surprised at the financial resources available to dental patients.  Communicate honestly with the business office team about your limitations.  Ask for options available for deferred payment, interest-free financing and taking advantage of insurance benefits or health savings accounts.  At our North Dallas oral surgery practice, we never want to see a patient leave our office in pain… we’re here to help.  There are several options available to patients who find themselves short on cash and long on dental pain.  Some examples which may be available to you are:

  • Interest free financing through Care Credit
  • ACH checking account withdrawls (monthly payments)
  • Insurance Discounts (Get The Most Out of Your Dental Plan)
  • Cash payment discounts
  • Payment by HAS

schedule an appointment for oral surgeryIf you find yourself in an emergency dental situation, don’t delay and don’t try to treat yourself at home.  Another thing I’ve learned in oral surgery is that teeth don’t repair themselves and nothing takes care of pain as quickly as eliminating the source of it.

For emergency tooth extraction, oral surgery and dental implants information, contact Dr. Robert Weinstein and his helpful, compassionate team at Texas Wisdom Teeth and Dental Implants.

To apply for dental financing through Care Credit, click here.



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