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Find Freedom with a Frenectomy

Lip and tongue tie are common physical abnormalities. Left untreated, they can lead to a number of complications. That is why the team at Texas Wisdom Teeth is ready to help patients find freedom from these conditions via a minimally invasive procedure known as a frenectomy. On this page, we will discuss what lip and tongue tie are, why treating them is so important, and what you can expect from the frenectomy surgery to address lip and tongue tie in Dallas, TX.

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What Is Lip & Tongue Tie?

Oral surgeon examining infant for lip and tongue tie

A frenulum is a small piece of tissue that controls the movement of a mobile part of the body. The mouth has a few frenulums, including one that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth, and one that connects the upper lip to the gums. When the one on the tongue is too tight, short, or thick, that is a condition known as tongue tie. When the one on the lip restricts movement too much, the condition is known as lip tie.

The causes of lip and tongue tie remain a mystery in most cases, though research suggests that genetic factors may be involved.

The Consequences
Lip & Tongue Tie

Oral surgeon examining infant's smile for the consequences of lip and tongue tie

An overly restrictive oral frenulum might not seem like a big deal at first, but it can lead to some major consequences.

  • Babies with lip or tongue tie might find it difficult to latch onto their mother’s breast, not gain weight like they should, and have difficulty sleeping. As a result, the mother is likely to experience nipple pain, an insufficient milk supply, and other breastfeeding-related issues.
  • Children with lip or tongue tie may have aversions to certain foods, suffer from delayed speech development, and be more prone to develop dental problems. Improper positioning of the tongue may even affect jaw development.
  • Adults who never received treatment for their lip or tongue tie might have difficulty speaking after drinking only a little alcohol, may find it uncomfortable to kiss, and are at a higher risk of dental decay. If their condition caused the teeth to develop improperly, they may also suffer from a misaligned bite and TMJ disorder.

Recognizing and Treating
Lip & Tongue Tie

Mother holding sleeping baby after treating lip and tongue tie

In many cases, lip or tongue tie may be misdiagnosed as colic, acid reflux, or digestive issues. If you think that you or your child is suffering from lip or tongue tie, request a consultation with our team. We have an in-depth knowledge of the oral structures and how they should work. 

The treatment for lip and/or tongue tie is a frenectomy in Dallas, which is a minimally invasive surgery wherein we cut the frenulum in order to free up the tissues in the mouth to move properly. Our gentle touch and advanced technology ensure that patients feel little to nothing during the procedure, which usually takes very little time. Recovery time is also short. Following a frenectomy to treat tongue tie, you may need to undergo additional therapy to strengthen your tongue and train it to rest in a proper position.