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Do your palms sweat when it’s time to visit the dentist? You might be fearful of an invasive procedure, or maybe you need a lot of dental work? No matter the reason, your IV sedation dentist in Dallas can help. You have multiple options for a pain-free appointment, like local anesthesia. For some patients, that may not be enough. For lengthy procedures and apprehensive patients, we usually recommend IV sedation dentistry in our Dallas, TX oral surgery office, which puts you into a relaxing sleep. You can get the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve without any unnecessary discomfort.

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What Is IV Sedation Dentistry?

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IV sedation is a medication that’s delivered intravenously, which gives us greater control over the amount that’s administered to cater it to your specific needs. As the sedative takes effect, you’ll quickly fall into a relaxing sleep. You won’t feel any pain or discomfort. You may not even remember your appointment.

After your treatment is finished, we stop the sedative and you’ll wake within a few minutes. It can take several hours for the effects to dissipate, so you’ll need to have a responsible adult present at the time of your procedure who can take you home, get your prescriptions filled, and assist you after surgery. Your ride must remain in the oral surgery office during your appointment.

Am I a Candidate for IV Sedation Dentistry?

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For many patients, IV sedation is offered to make their surgery more comfortable, relaxed, and stress-free. If you need a lengthy or complex treatment, you can sleep during the procedure, which prevents you from dealing with apprehension and stress. We will perform a thorough consultation to ensure it’s the right option for you. If you have certain health concerns or medical conditions, our surgeons may discuss alternative anesthetic techniques.

If you’re a candidate for IV sedation, please do not eat or drink anything, including water, for eight hours before your appointment. We will carefully review your pre-op and go-home instructions before your appointment. A member of our team will also answer your questions and address any concerns so you feel confident in your treatment plan.

Is IV Sedation Dentistry Safe?

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It’s natural to be concerned about the safety of sedation dentistry, but you don’t have anything to fear. If you need anesthesia in Dallas for dental work, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a licensed anesthetist, trained and certified in the practice of IV dental sedation. In addition to Dr. Anver's extensive continuing education, our entire surgical team is trained in anesthesia assisting, certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and attends quarterly continuing education to ensure safe practices and patient protection. Our operating rooms are fully equipped and maintained to support our patient's safety during treatment.

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Don’t delay getting the care you need because you’re worried about a painful experience. We can help you conquer your anxieties and invest in a healthy smile with sedation dentistry. Contact our oral surgery office today to schedule your consultation for IV sedation. We look forward to helping you enjoy your time in our office.

IV Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Before we administer IV sedation, we want you to be sure it’s right for you. You may have questions about this part of your procedure, which is why we’ve answered some common ones that patients have asked us before. If we don’t address your concerns here, feel free to contact our office and ask. We can schedule time for you to meet with Dr. Anver to discuss more.

Will I Feel Anything with IV Dental Sedation?

Although we handle complex procedures, our approach to sedation is simple: meet each patient’s needs and help them have a positive experience. That usually means that you’ll feel very little, if any, discomfort throughout your time with us. With local anesthetic and IV sedation, you should be completely comfortable during the entire procedure. In fact, don’t be surprised if you can’t recall details from the appointment afterward!

What Alternative Sedation Options Do You Offer?

If IV sedation doesn’t meet your needs, we have other means of helping you stay comfortable while we perform necessary work. During your consultation, we may determine that we can use nitrous oxide to keep you calm and relaxed in the chair. In that case, we can forgo IV sedation for a milder alternative. Instead of medication being delivered straight to your bloodstream, the odorless gas is inhaled through a nasal mask and leaves you with a warm, light feeling within minutes.

How Long Will It Take for the Effects of IV Dental Sedation to Wear Off?

With IV sedation, the medication takes only a couple of minutes to take effect, but you may continue to feel groggy for several hours after your appointment has ended. As a result, you should plan to take the rest of the day easy. Arrange for a family member or a friend to drive you to and from our office and stay with you afterward. Avoid using machinery or doing strenuous activity for the rest of the day. The following day, you should be fine to resume your normal schedule and activities.

Are There Side Effects of IV Dental Sedation?

Most medications come with some side effects. That’s why Dr. Anver needs to know about your medical history as well as what medications you are currently taking. With this information, he can determine whether IV sedation is appropriate for your situation and needs. Regardless of which type of sedation you require, our team will closely monitor you while we work, ensuring that you remain comfortable and safe.