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Advanced Dental Technology

Texas Wisdom believes in utilization of the most up to date diagnostic and clinical tools in order to provide the most reliable and complete results for our patients.  Utilizing advanced digital x-ray equipment, 3-D CT scanning and updated clinical practices helps us provide complete oral surgery services to our patients. 

One way that we stay on the current edge of oral surgery technology is by participating in many hours of continuing education throughout the year.  Staying up to date in advanced surgical techniques, advanced training and technological advancements helps us provide our patients with exceptional clinical care.

Digital X-Ray

Dentist showing x-ray to patient Texas Wisdom utilizes digital x-ray technology to produce high quality panoramic x-rays which are optimal for diagnosing dental problems such as impacted third molars, pathological formations in the jaws and jaw injuries.

All forms of dental x-rays utilize small amounts of radiation to “take a picture” of your teeth and bones through the tissue, providing visualization of structures such as the teeth, jaw bones and sinuses.  The digital x-ray machine utilizes just trace amounts of radiation to accomplish the x-ray image. Your dental assistant is specially trained and registered to operate a dental x-ray machine.  We will ask you some questions in order to take appropriate precautions prior to taking an x-ray image.

Preparations for an x-ray include:

Advantages of utilizing digital x-ray machines over traditional x-ray machines include:

Utilizing a digital x-ray system in our Dallas oral surgery office is one of the ways Dr. Wendling provide state of the art oral surgical care, safe and efficient diagnostic methods.

Digital CT-Scan

Your jaw is a 3-dimensional structure consisting of varying height, width and depth.  Certain oral surgical procedures involve detailed surgery which is dependent on precise measurements of all three dimensions of your anatomical structures.  If you are planning dental implant surgery, certain bone grafting procedures or other maxillofacial surgeries a special x-ray called a CT-scan is sometimes prescribed in order to get a three dimensional picture of the surgical area.

When appropriate, Our surgeons will prescribe a digital CT-scan prior to precise planning of your maxillofacial surgery.  This enables us to identify vital structures more precisely and to take exact measurements where needed in order to ensure that your surgery achieves the best possible results.

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