Post-Op Instructions – Dallas, TX

On the Road to Recovery

When you’ve had a surgery completed, whether it was a dental implant placement, tooth extraction, or bone graft, it’s important that you know the right steps to follow when it’s time to recover. The most common cause of complications following oral surgeries occur because of something that happened outside of our office. Thankfully, you can prevent that when you take the right steps to mitigate them. Below, you’ll find detailed instructions for each of these treatments, which you should review prior to your upcoming oral surgery.

Post-Op Instructions / Instrucciones Post-Operativas Sinus Precautions/Precauciones sinusales Bone Graft-Dental Implant Post-Op Instructions/Intrucciones Post-Operativas del Injerto de Hueso Post-op Instructions for Expose and Bond Patients/Intrucciones Post-Operativas para Dientes Expuestos (con Frenos) Biopsy Post-op Instructions/Instrucciones Post-Operativas para Biopsias

Soak Instructions

For some procedures, we may require you to perform oral soaks during the recovery process to reduce stiffness and swelling. This process can be somewhat lengthy, so make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

  • Mix a glass of warm saltwater using 3/4 teaspoon of salt to 16 ounces of very warm water. The water should be hot, but not hot enough to burn you.
  • Take a mouthful of this water and tip your head so as to soak the affected area. Do not swish, rinse, gargle or swallow. Simply hold the water over the area as a soak until the heat from the water fades away (about 40 seconds).
  • Spit the water out and repeat this same procedure again and again for a 20-minute period, BY THE CLOCK.
  • The soaks can be up to one hour if you so choose, but not less than 20 minutes or the desired effect will be diminished.
  • This procedure is often boring, so make sure to keep yourself distracted by watching television or reading a book. Do at least 2 sessions during the first 6 hours to start. You should begin to feel results after the second session.
  • Continue sessions as needed.