Oral Surgery Patient Information – Dallas, TX

Preparing for Your Procedure

Our team at Texas Wisdom Teeth and Dental Implants wants to do everything possible to make your first visit productive, comfortable, and enjoyable. We’re incredibly happy that you’ve considered us for all of your oral surgery needs. Below, you’ll find everything you need to prepare for your arrival, including financing information, patient forms to fill out, and what to expect during your first visit!

Your First Oral Surgery Visit

When you first arrive at our Dallas oral surgery office, you’ll be met with a warm welcome by our front staff. You’ll be handed a new patient form to fill out, which gives you a chance to address your specific needs in writing before you actually see the surgeon in-person. After a few minutes, one of our team members will call your name and you’ll get to meet with Dr. Anver. During your visit, you’ll get to address your needs more clearly and discuss treatments you need going forward.

Online New Patient Forms

When you become a new patient at Texas Wisdom Teeth and Dental Implants, we want to do everything possible to get to know your needs better. Before you arrive, you have the chance to fill out an online new patient form so you can inform us of your current medical history. You’ll also get to highlight any specific concerns that we need to accommodate in the future. To save yourself some time during the check-in process, click below to get started!

Online registration form button

Dental Insurance Welcome

Dental insurance can mean the difference between whether or not you can afford the surgical procedures that are necessary to restore your smile. To make things as easy for our patients as possible, we are in-network with a number of popular dental insurance plans. If you have a policy with one of the companies listed below, you’ll enjoy the highest amount of savings possible by having your surgery performed at our oral surgery office. If you belong to a different insurance plan, please call us before your appointment to learn more about the benefits you can expect.

We proudly accept the following dental insurance plans:

Dental insurance makes paying for care much easier overall. Our office accepts dental insurance from many major providers. These dental providers include:

  • Aetna Dental
  • Principal Financial
  • MetLife
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Delta Dental
  • Cigna
  • Guardian
  • Assurant
  • Humana Dental
  • Medicaid (8 - 18)
  • and many more!

While we mainly accept major PPO plans, feel free to contact our oral surgery office directly to confirm if we accept your dental insurance.

Learn More About Dental Insurance

CareCredit Financing Available

If you do not currently have dental insurance, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the care that you need to maintain long-term oral health. With the help of third-party financing programs like CareCredit and Proceed Finance, you can pay for treatments in more manageable chunks. These plans are often accompanied with little to zero interest attached as well.

Learn More About Dental Payment Plans


Our oral surgery office is able to work with Medicaid to help patients 18 and under get the care they need while keeping things easily affordable. Just give us a call with your policy information handy, and we’ll use it to verify your benefits and get the claims process started. We’re very familiar with the ins-and-outs of many plans, so we’ll make sure you have any documentation and approvals you need right away so your child’s procedure is paid for in a timely manner.

Pre-Op Instructions

As a dental office catering to oral surgery, it’s important that you understand all the steps you must take prior to undergoing treatment. These steps are designed to make sure that your body is well-prepared for your surgery and ensure no complications appear as a result. To read more on the details of your pre-op instructions, check them out here on our website!

Pre-Op Instructions

Post-Op Instructions

Just like how you should prepare yourself before your surgery, the same thing needs to happen after your procedure is finished. We’ve made sure to include instructions for multiple types of oral surgeries, including essential aftercare to keep in mind, tips following dental implant placement or bone grafts, and so much more!

Post-Op Instructions

Traveling to Dallas

Getting to our Dallas oral surgery office couldn’t be easier! Simply take Belt Line Road off of the tollway going north and turn right onto Preston Road. You’ll find our oral surgery office on the left right across the street from the Trader Joe’s. If you need additional guidance, please don’t hesitate to give our oral surgery office a call directly.

Traveling To Dallas For Dental Implants?