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Full Mouth Dental Implants in Dallas

Patients who are struggling with loose, ill-fitting dentures, denture sores, and the self-consciousness that often plagues denture-wearers are very interested in utilizing a more permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. Dentures often affect your quality of life in a negative way. Some of the challenges associated with complete removable dentures are:

Texas Wisdom understands the challenges and limitations of traditional removable dentures and is committed to providing his patients with a reliable, cost effective and permanent solution to embarrassing loose, painful and dysfunctional dentures. Full mouth dental implants most often do not require the placement of one dental implant for each missing tooth. In many cases, a full mouth dental implants procedure will use 8-16 dental implants and replace 26-28 natural teeth.

All-On-Four Dental ImplantsAnother option for many patients is the "All-on Four" dental implant technique. Using the all-on four technique, the entire dental arch is restored using just four specially designed and placed dental implants. In patients with excess bone loss in the upper jaw, the all-on-four technique can prevent the need for extensive bone grafting that may be required for traditional dental implant placement. For more information about the All-On-Four technique, give us a call.

Say goodbye to your dentures forever.

The first step is a personal consultation with one of our oral surgeons. They will sit down with you and discuss your goals and challenges related to replacing missing teeth. They will then offer a solution that is practical, conservative and affordable. Give us a call to schedule your first visit at either or Las Colinas or Dallas Dental Implant center.

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