Single Tooth Dental Implant Special – Dallas, TX

Don’t Hide Your Smile, Cherish It

Are you embarrassed about the gap in your smile? Now’s a good time to have it filled! Dental implants not only fill in the empty spaces in your mouth so that you can bite and chew normally again, but they also prevent the bone loss in your jaw that can lead to long-term oral health problems. And right now, you can get a single dental implant at a reduced price by having the surgery done at Texas Wisdom Teeth. Call us today for more details or to schedule a consultation.

Single tooth dental implant tooth replacement special coupon


Single Implant Only $2199 *only for patients without insurance

Single Tooth Implant Special for $2,199

Fill out the form above or call Texas Wisdom Teeth Dental Implants today at (972) 960-1111 to schedule your appointment. Mention this coupon while booking your appointment.

*Cash patient only.

*Includes use of platelet rich fibrin.

*Not included in the price is extraction, grafting, sedation, abutment or crown.