Wisdom Teeth Removal Special – Dallas, TX

Be Wise About Wisdom Teeth

Putting off wisdom teeth extraction is never a good idea. The longer your wisdom teeth are left alone, the more likely they are to damage other teeth, inflict oral pain, and cause other complications. If you or someone in your family is around the age where wisdom tooth removal should be considered, now’s the best time to schedule an appointment. If you call us today, you can take advantage of our wisdom teeth removal special in Dallas so that you can save money and your smile at the same time.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal–All Inclusive Package
Only $1999 *only for patients without insurance
**Anesthesia included

Wisdom Teeth Removal All Inclusive Package for $1999 Complete Treatment Fee*

All Inclusive Package Includes:

  • Surgical removal of up to 4 wisdom teeth
  • IV general anesthesia

We Offer In-Network fee discounts for patients taking advantage of their dental insurance!

  • All fees are discounted to the in-network fee for your plan
  • We are in-network for most PPO’s

Fill out the form above or call Texas Wisdom Teeth and Dental Implants today at (972) 960-1111 to schedule your appointment. Mention this coupon while booking your appointment.

* Our Regular fee for four wisdom teeth extractions, IV anesthesia, exam and x-ray ranges from $1765-$2481 when itemized at our usual fees, based on usual, reasonable and customary fees for DFW. This special promotion flat fee package is for a limited time only and is not applicable in conjunction with insurance coverage. Verification of insurance is required in order to determine your exact coverage limitations.