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Multiple Tooth Replacement Options  - Dallas, TX

Multiple missing teeth can be replaced permanently with the insertion of dental implants. If there are several teeth missing in a single area, a dental implant bridge may be prescribed. If the missing teeth are scattered, individual teeth can be replaced using dental implants. Multiple tooth replacement may be just the solution for you. A personal consultation with one of our oral surgeons is the best starting point when deciding whether dental implants are right for you.

Other solutions you may be considering for the treatment of multiple missing teeth are dental bridges or removable partial dentures. Most non-implant options for multiple tooth replacement will be effective in some cases, but not as long lasting and functional as dental implants. Traditional removable partial dentures will use metal clasps to hook on to the adjacent natural teeth. These clasps are visible. In addition, the clasps redistribute the pressure of chewing to the adjacent natural teeth, stressing the tooth structure. Over time, the anchor teeth may become decayed or loose as a result. If this occurs, loss of the anchor teeth is possible. In addition, the removable partial denture rests upon the gum tissue and jawbone in the area of the missing teeth. Over time, that jaw bone will recede, with no tooth structure to anchor it in place. A divot will begin to appear which will over time cause a "sunken" appearance to the face.

Multiple tooth replacement with dental implants is an option that will preserve the adjacent natural teeth and prevent the loss of jaw bone structure in the areas where implants are placed. The implant structure acts as a scaffold, preserving the jaw bone height in this area to prevent the "sunken" appearance we associate with old age. The dental implants look, function and feel like your natural teeth. Dental implants have a success rate of 97% over 48 years. This longevity and predictability make multiple tooth replacement with dental implants the gold standard of care.

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