August 28, 2020

Computer-Guided VS Conventional Implant Placement

Dr. Chilcoat @ 2:58 pm

Image representing computer-guided implant placement in Dallas.Innovative technologies transform every aspect of your dental care, including the process of replacing your missing teeth with dental implants. A CT cone beam scanner is used to determine your candidacy for the procedure while other advancements enhance each step in your treatment moving forward, like computer-guided implant placement in Dallas. The state-of-the-art technology allows for pinpoint precision to minimize any room for error. When compared to traditional surgery, using modern technologies offers exceptional advantages to ensure your investment in dental implants is a success.

Conventional Surgery VS Computer-Guided Implant Placement

Oral surgeons are trained in the traditional method to place dental implants; however, few will perform the procedure without the use of advanced technology. The conventional method requires more time to process and larger incisions to insert the posts. Not to mention, there is some guesswork involved, which could lead to unexpected consequences or additional downtime for some patients.

Computer-guided technology allows your oral surgeon in Dallas to find the ideal location for each implant post long before your placement surgery. Your surgeon will have added capabilities to see every detail of your oral tissues and bone on a large screen to strategically place your implant posts into your jawbone. This offers enhanced accuracy to ensure your new smile has the foundation it needs to succeed from the very beginning of your journey.

What are the Benefits of Computer-Guided Implant Placement?

Computer-guided implant placement offers various advantages over the traditional method, including:

  • Smaller, precise, and clean incisions.
  • Quicker recovery with fewer complications.
  • Integrates with cone beam CT scans to prevent future complications.
  • Provides more options for patients with bone loss.
  • Reduces risk of unexpected complications.

Overall, the technology allows your surgeon to create and execute the most successful approach to placing your posts; thus, providing a faster recovery, fewer complications, and a beautiful smile.

How Does Computer-Guided Implant Placement Work?

Computer tomography (CT) imaging of your dental arch is used to create an overlay featuring the new dental implants. Your surgeon can visualize and manipulate the images to accommodate the bone and surrounding tissues to ensure the posts are inserted in the exact locations.

Many oral surgeons aren’t using the traditional method of placement because advanced technologies have made the surgery safer and more successful. Your oral surgeon will have better control over the placement of your posts to ensure your new smile has the potential to last for decades with the right aftercare.

Enjoy the Best Technology

If you’re ready to replace your missing teeth with dental implants, ensure your investment is successful. Choose a modern location that embraces the latest innovations in dentistry for predictable and reliable results.

About Dr. Cameron Wendling

Dr. Wendling knew from the beginning of his dental training he wanted to specialize in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He combines his training and qualifications with the latest technologies and methods to deliver superior results. If you’re interested in dental implants, Dr. Wendling can help. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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