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December 13, 2013

Think Life Will Be Better If You Just Pull All Your Teeth And Get Dentures? Think Again!

Dr. Chilcoat @ 10:39 am
dentures can make eating out difficult

Eat Anything On The Menu

Working in an oral surgery office, we hear it almost every day “I’m so sick of failing teeth, dental problems, pain.  My life would be easier if I just had all my teeth pulled and got dentures.  Another thing we hear almost every day are denture-loathing comments from people who thought the same way, did it, and lived to tell the tale.  Their story goes something like this:  “ I had all my teeth pulled and got dentures.  I thought that would solve my dental problems.  Now, the dentures don’t fit right, they hurt, I can’t eat and most of the time I go around without teeth because these plastic things just don’t work for me”.

Dentures Open The Door For a Whole New Set Of Dental Problems

Dentures are intended to provide a cosmetic, prosthetic stand-in for your natural teeth, they are definitely not intended to replace the function of natural teeth.  Dentures are a plastic prosthesis which are made to fit on an edentulous (without teeth) ridge in order to provide the appearance of natural teeth.  Dentures sit on top of the gums, and are not solidly anchored in the jaws.  Many people complain that it is difficult to bite and chew the foods they enjoy with dentures.  Over time, the jaw bone itself begins to recontour, shrink and deteriorate because there are no teeth in the jaw to keep the bone stimulated.  This causes dentures to become loose, ill-fitting, painful and dysfunctional.  In fact, a denture must be re-made every 3-5 years in order to provide optimal function.  Studies show that replacing teeth with a complete denture only provides about 10% of the function of natural teeth.


Whenever Possible, Repairing The Natural Teeth Is Best

You might find this advice strange coming from an oral surgery office who does not restore teeth, but rather removes them and replaces them with dental implants.  The truth is, no amount of money can buy a solution that provides 100% restoration of dental function and appearance to improve upon the perfection of natural dentition.  At the Dallas oral surgery practice of Dr. Robert A. Weinstein, patients are encouraged to repair damaged teeth whenever possible.  This is because there is simply nothing better to eat, laugh, talk and chew with than natural teeth.

When Teeth Must Be Removed, They Should Be Replaced With Dental Implants

Sometimes, repair of natural teeth is not possible or practical.  When any teeth must be removed due to damage and tooth decay, it is important that they be replaced with a functional and natural looking replacement.  Dental implants provide the most functional, reliable and natural looking and feeling tooth replacement available today.  In fact, where a denture provides just 10% restoration of dental function, dental implants can provide up to 90% restoration of dental function.  In addition, when dental implants are implanted in the jaw bone, they keep the bone cells stimulated, preventing the shrinkage and deterioration of the jaw.  Patients avoid losing facial volume and don’t begin to look prematurely old due to “sunken face” syndrome.

There Are Many Ways To Replace Teeth With Dental Implants

Because every patient is different, has different habits, desires and needs, there is no “one-treatment-fits-all” when it comes to implant replacement of teeth.  Even when discussing full mouth replacement, there are various treatment approaches which must be considered.  For some patients, an implant retained denture provides the stability and aesthetics that meet their needs.  For other patients, the    All On Four treatment technique is ideal and provides the most complete functional and aesthetic restoration.  A consultation with Dr. Weinstein to discuss your needs, goals and budget will help you decide the best treatment option for you.

Go To A Restaurant And Order What You WANT

It is amazing the things we take for granted when we are not coping with dentures, dental problems, loose teeth or dental dysfunction.  For most of us, when we go out to a restaurant we look at the menu and order whatever entree sounds good.  For those of us who are denture wearers and dealing with chronic dental problems, the menu is a giant list of things you cannot have.  Wouldn’t you love to go out to eat and choose anything you want?  If you have suffered long enough with dental dysfunction, schedule a complimentary consultation to find out if replacing your missing teeth or loose denture with dental implants is right for you.


November 27, 2013

Are You Ready For Thanksgiving Dinner? Missing Teeth at the Holidays

Dr. Chilcoat @ 10:19 am


Thanksgiving dinner with missing teethThanksgiving dinner is something that we look forward to all year long- it has become one of the most important meals of the entire year!  Being in the dental implant business, it dawned on me that some people don’t enjoy their meals as much as they should- or could.  I realized that holidays like Thanksgiving are, for some people, a time where they will spend a lot of energy trying to compensate for missing teeth, hide missing teeth and even avoid smiling in front of friends and family.

It is easy for me to say that the answer is dental implants, and that everybody who has missing teeth should go and get them.  The reality is much different.  I know that people do not go through life with missing teeth because they like it.  There are three things that deter people from taking the steps to restore their oral health and dental condition and in the process improve their quality of life.

1)  Needing More Information.  The internet is overflowing with information about dental implants, how they can change your life, how they can restore dental health and function.  The key information that YOU need in order to decide if dental implants are right for YOU is missing!  You don’t really want to schedule a consultation with a surgeon to get answers to your questions because you are not in the mood to be sold to- how do you know if the plan you get from a specialist is the best option for your particular situation?  The truth is, there is no “one-size fits all” approach when restoring teeth with implants.  Patients deserve to be listened to, given options for treatment that meet their needs, wants and budget.  It is rare that there is only one solution to a dental problem when it comes to missing teeth- take advantage of free consultations and get more than one professional opinion.

2) Cost of Dental Implants.  Yes, dental implants are expensive.  There is no way around the fact that such a highly engineered, technical and precise treatment can be made as affordable as say, a filling in your tooth.  With that being said, it is important to consider the VALUE as opposed to the COST of dental implants.  Dental implants are permanent 98% of the time, which means that in terms of value, they are actually very inexpensive over time.   Dental implants are able to restore complete dental function, more thoroughly than any other method of tooth replacement.  This has a huge impact on quality of life.  Payment plans both short term and extended over a longer period of time make it possible to get dental implant treatment now, and pay for it over time with a payment you can afford.

3) Fear of Dental Work.  Many patients end up with missing teeth because they are fearful of the dentist and do not like getting dental work done.  This is much more common than you think.  In fact, many patients avoid regular dental work and minor repairs for so long that going to the dentist only occurs in an emergency, exacerbating their fears because of the need for extensive dental work under conditions that include infection and pain- making dental work uncomfortable.  Patients with dental fear find that treatment with dental implants by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon is not only comfortable, but completely stress-free.  Dental implant patients can have their complete treatment done while under IV general anesthesia and literally sleep comfortably through the entire treatment, wake up without pain (they are numbed while asleep), and wake up with new teeth.

Whatever your reason for just making it through another Thanksgiving dinner with missing teeth, we are here to help.  Tell us your concerns, challenges and fears- we will work with you to find the answer.  You have the power to make this Thanksgiving the last one with missing teeth.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our fantastic patients and friends!  At Texas Wisdom Teeth and Dental Implants we are especially thankful for all of you, who make coming to work an absolute treat for us!  Someone very wise once said that if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life- and it is very true!

November 15, 2013

Easy Scheduling For Wisdom Teeth During School Breaks

Dr. Chilcoat @ 9:19 am

Thanksgiving wisdom teeth appointmentsThanksgiving is upon us, and the holiday season is drawing near!  We hope you have a joyful holiday season enjoying the company of family and friends, along with all the good food!

At Texas Wisdom Teeth and Dental Implants, one thing we see happen every year around this time is an increased demand for appointments. The number of teenagers who need their wisdom teeth removed seems to increase.  Over the years, we have realized that wisdom teeth become popular around the holidays because that is when the kids are off from school.  No school means the timing is perfect for a short recovery from wisdom tooth removal.

Another reason we see an increase in wisdom teeth patients is due to the fact that annual insurance benefits for 2013 expire at the end of the year.  If your dentist has recommended removal of those pesky third molars, you might want to get the treatment done between now and the New Year in order to utilize the dental insurance coverage which expires as soon as the ball drops in Time Square.  Unused HSA and Medical Flex accounts also expire on December 31.

We Offer Easy Appointments For Wisdom Teeth Removal

If oral surgery is on your “to-do” list, we have made it easy to make an appointment to see Dr. Weinstein.  We are open Monday through Friday this month, with the exception of Thanksgiving Day.  Our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you get the treatment you need while maximizing your insurance coverage for wisdom teeth extraction.

Take Advantage of Special Savings on Wisdom Teeth Surgery

If you do not have dental insurance coverage for your wisdom teeth removal surgery, we know how daunting it can seem to afford the cost of oral surgery.  For this reason, we are offering a very special all-inclusive surgical fee of $1185 for all wisdom teeth removal surgeries through the end of 2013.  This very special wisdom tooth removal package includes consultation and x-rays in addition to the surgical removal of up to four wisdom teeth with IV general anesthesia.  You get to sleep comfortably right through the surgery and wake up pain-free from the local anesthesia injections.

Compassionate Patient Care

While convenience and cost are important factors when planning removal of wisdom teeth, it is equally, if not more important to consider patient service when choosing an oral surgeon.  Dr. Robert A. Weinstein has over 30 years experience as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. His genuine concern and compassion for every patient helps take the stress out of visiting an oral surgeon.  Dr. Weinstein insists on seeing every patient for a pre-surgical consultation in order to make sure that his patients are comfortable with the planned procedure prior to treatment.

Schedule Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

To schedule a consultation for wisdom teeth removal surgery before the end of the year, contact us today.  Our friendly team will help you set an appointment that works with your busy schedule.


November 2, 2013

Are Dental Implants Covered By Insurance?

Dr. Chilcoat @ 4:34 pm
does dental insurance cover dental implants

Dental coverage for dental implants can be confusing. Make sure you understand your plan.

One question we hear at least ten times a day in our practice is “Are dental implants covered by dental insurance?“.  The answer is a resounding “sometimes”.  Dental implant coverage can be complicated. It is important that you are well educated about your dental plan allowances and limitations. Here are some tips to help you make sense of it all.

Read Your Dental Plan Documents

The first step in determining whether or not your dental insurance will assist you with the cost of dental implants is to read your plan documents.  If there is coverage for the treatment, it will be specified within the terms of coverage.  These documents are sometimes a little difficult to decipher, so if you need help, give us a call.

Beware The Missing Tooth Clause

Some insurance policies cover dental implants, but only if the missing tooth was removed while you were covered by the plan.  Make sure you understand if a limitation like this applies to you. If your dental insurance covers dental implants, read carefully. Be careful not to assume that a dental implant will be covered for a tooth that was extracted 10 years ago while you were covered under a different policy.

Maximize Your Dental Benefits

If your dental insurance provides coverage for dental implants, plan your treatment to maximize your insurance plan’s contribution.  Most dental plans allow payments up to a specified annual maximum (usually $1500 or so).  In the best case scenario, you can use your benefits to pay for the implant placement toward the end of the year.  If you reach your annual maximum, there is a good chance that your benefits will renew again on January 1st.  Because most dental implants need a few months to heal and osseointegrate (get solid in the bone), you won’t be having the crown completed right away. You can utilize your new annual insurance benefits for the completion of the implant at a later date.  On January 1, you will have a brand new maximum to help cover the cost of the dental crown.

Use Your HSA or Flex Medical Account

Even if dental insurance does not cover the cost of a dental implant, you can still utilize your HSA or Medical Flex Account to cover the cost.  Make sure to use those funds before December 31 this year, or they are lost forever.  ** BONUS** Using your HSA funds to cover the cost of a dental implant is extra sweet because those funds are often pre-tax. It is like getting a discount.

Dental Implants Not Covered? The Dental Implant Crown Probably IS

Don’t get discouraged if your dental insurance does not cover dental implants.  In most cases, if the plan covers a traditional dental crown, they must also cover a dental implant crown.  This means that you may be entitled to at least partial coverage, even if dental implants are excluded under your plan

Still Confused About Dental Implants and Dental Insurance?

If you still need help determining if your dental plan covers implants, we are here to help.  Give us a call or send us an email any time, and we will be happy to help you figure it out.  Even with no dental insurance coverage, dental implants are now more affordable than ever.  We can even help you fit the needed treatment into your budget using a monthly payment either through Care Credit or other financing resources-with no interest.


October 17, 2013

Dental Implant Cost – What To Expect By Dena Rahtbun

Dr. Chilcoat @ 9:53 am
Dental Implant Cost

Get A Free Estimate

I know about you. You have missing teeth, or teeth that are damaged and can no longer be repaired.

You can’t eat the foods you love, you are self conscious about your smile and you find yourself hiding your teeth from the world.  You don’t feel great a lot of the time and your bad teeth keep you from smiling and laughing when you do feel good.  How do I know this?  It’s pretty simple, actually-

You are searching for information about dental implants on the internet, that is how I know.  You have done it before and you know that replacing your damaged and missing teeth with something permanent is the ideal treatment.

In fact, you know pretty much everything about how dental implants work.

You are well-educated on different types of implants, their capabilities and limitations (which are few).  You know that implants are better than dentures, especially if you have been wearing a denture.  You are sick and tired of hiding behind your hand when you smile, and fed up with dental pain, teeth that give out at the worst possible moment and most of all, you are tired of making emergency appointments with the dentist just to make another emergency repair, piecemeal style.

What is stopping you from moving forward and eliminating this lifestyle crushing problem from your life?  I know that too- it’s dental implant cost.

Dental implants are expensive and even though you have researched the treatment to death, you still don’t know what it would cost YOU to get your teeth back in shape.  Yes, I said it- not many dental blogs will say it out loud- dental implants are expensive, but the value in it lies in your priorities and how you plan.  A car is expensive, but it doesn’t change your life.  In fact, you pay for it for a few years, drive it for a while and then you have to go buy a new one all over again. I know people who have had a $500 per month car payment for the past 20 years!  They buy a new car every two years, thinking it is going to make them happy, but all it does it get them from Point A to Point B- no life-changer.

Dental implants will last you the rest of your life (97% of the time).  You only have to pay for it once, and the impact it can have on lifestyle is much more positive than the temporary good vibes you feel driving a new car.

I know something you don’t know about dental implants cost.

Although an expensive treatment option, there are specialists, like Dr. Robert Weinstein, who believe in providing the best treatment options available to patients at a cost that is more reasonable than most others.  When you do a lot of dental implants, you have the freedom to offer certain financial advantages to your patients, such as less costly dental implants. Can you get experienced, specialized dental implant treatment for less, and not compromise on quality of care and patient service?  Yes, you can.

I’m not going to tell you that you can get dental implants to replace your teeth for the same cost as a denture. 

If you find that out there somewhere, buyer beware!  What I will tell you, is that you can replace your missing and damaged teeth with permanent, stable and natural looking/feeling dental implants without taking a second mortgage out on your house.  Want to know how much it is going to cost YOU to get the treatment you need to improve your lifestyle?  We have an app for that- try our treatment fee estimate request   and get an estimate on your dental implant cost.

request a dental implant quote

Be advised that we can estimate your fees based on the information you provide, which may not be clinically complete.  We will do our best to give accurate and factual information about cost when you complete the request, however, we cannot guarantee that the fee estimated will be exactly the same as the fee for actual treatment.  This is because every single patient is different, and treatment is not always as straightforward as we hope.  Sometimes, certain additional procedures are needed, such as bone grafting and tooth extraction, but we can’t tell what is going to work best for your situation and anatomy via email.  We can, however,  give you a complete, reliable, take-it-to-the-bank treatment fee estimate when you come in and meet Dr. Weinstein for your FREE consultation and panoramic x-ray.

Either way, financial information about dental implants cost is hard to come by online.  Our tool helps you get a clearer picture of what you can reasonably expect.  When you want the details, we are happy to see you here in the office.  Until then, just know that we are here for you, on your side, and ready to help you achieve a healthy smile with experienced surgical care and a reasonable price.  We think that’s pretty cool!

Watch Now http://youtu.be/-EcL_PmG7fo




September 25, 2013

Happy Fall From Texas Wisdom Teeth and Dental Implants

Dr. Chilcoat @ 8:46 am

fall savings on oral surgeryFall is my favorite time of year, and since I get to write our blog, I also get to share my love of the most wonderful season of all!  After triple digit temperatures and the burning sun beating down for the past few months, even a simple thing like the angle of the sun in the sky can make a big difference.  In the evenings, there is a golden glow cast on everything around.  After a day full of wisdom teeth and dental implants, an autumn sunset and a cool(er) breeze make a perfect end to the day.

At Texas Wisdom Teeth and Dental Implants, we are gearing up for some big things this fall.  We have continued our online special fee for dental implants, and patients can take advantage of  saving hundreds of dollars on tooth replacement.  Normally $2000 each, a dental implant is now $1765. The cost of dental implants is not the only reason that patients travel to us from all over Texas for their treatment.  With over 30 years’ experience, Dr. Robert A. Weinstein has replaced missing teeth for thousands of patients. You can find out more about affordable dental implants here.

We have also continued our special private pay fee of $1185 for wisdom teeth removal surgery.  We decided to continue these two oral surgery cost saving specials because of the feedback we have received from our patients.

Over the summer, a mother with two teenage sons brought them in to have their wisdom teeth removed.  She had received consultations elsewhere along with fee quotes for over $2500, each child.  With no dental insurance, the cost of surgery was 100% out of pocket for her.  She was able to get both her teens taken care of for less than than it would have cost for just one at another doctor’s office.  Her children received our signature  personal, attentive patient care with treatment performed by our experienced oral surgeon.  She paid less for the treatment, but maintained the benefits of going to a private practice.  She was so happy that she cried when she paid for her teenagers’ wisdom teeth surgery.  That is what is called a “paycheck of the heart”, and that is why we chose to continue our special pricing on wisdom teeth removal.

As the year winds down, we can be proud of the work we do here.  When patient service and quality care are your top priorities, everything else falls into place.  Our patients often refer their family and friends, co-workers and acquaintances.  We take that to heart, and consider it to be the reward for a job well done.  Thank you to all our patients and friends.

We love taking care of you!


September 11, 2013

National Day of Service- Oral Surgery Style

Dr. Chilcoat @ 2:08 pm

september 11 ribbonToday we remember 9/11 and honor the memory of all who lost their lives and their loved ones on that day.  12 years after the fact, we memorialize 9/11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance.  What on Earth can an oral surgeon do to be of service on a day like this?  We decided to volunteer.

Today, we visited the Plano Senior Center, and it truly was an awesome experience.  Dr. Weinstein, his assistant Amanda and I presented information about the oral health-overall health connection to senior citizens at the community center.  We shared some valuable information about the relationship between gum disease and problems like diabetes and heart disease.  We performed free oral cancer screenings for participants.  It was good to spend some time providing a service to people who were interested in their health and well-being.

The best part of the the whole event came at the end of the presentation.  I made each of the participants a patriotic ribbon to wear on their shirt.  Each person in the room put theirs on.  We talked about where we were and what we were doing when the news came that the planes had hit. We talked for several minutes about how we all felt on that day.  We talked about other important tragedies of our lifetimes- the ones where you will always remember the details.  “Where were you when JFK was shot?  Do you remember what you were doing when the Challenger exploded?”  I realized that celebrating the anniversary of 9/11 with a day of service and remembrance is exactly the best way to recognize this important day in American history.

What happened between us, as we all shared our memories of that day, was exactly the same as what happened to all of us in the aftermath of 9/11.  We shared something important, and it brought us together.  What began as a seminar where a doctor was teaching health information to a group of spectators turned into real connection between fellow people.  We got to know each other, and we all gave a little bit of our lives to each other.  We shared stories and we talked about our families, our lives.

september 11 imageVolunteering today created a connection between people, between fellow Americans and between generations.  There is a great reward in being of service to others, and it doesn’t have anything to do with  feeling benevolent and it doesn’t have anything to do with points on a score card for good deeds.  The reward that comes with being of service is in the heart, when the people you meet and make a connection with share a little piece of their lives with you, that is what you get out of being of service.  I can’t wait to do it again!



August 21, 2013

Are Your Dentures Making You Look Old?

Dr. Chilcoat @ 1:53 pm

Missing teeth are a cause for concern for millions of Americans.  In fact, 69% of adults have lost at least one permanent tooth.  By age 74, 26% of adults will have lost all their teeth.  The traditional solution to missing teeth is a full denture.  A denture is a removable prosthetic appliance designed to fit over the edentulous (toothless) jaw to replace the natural teeth.

Dentures Are Not Very Functional

Is It Time To Ditch Your Denture?

Many people with damaged and decayed teeth assume that the solution to ending their discomfort and expensive dental bills is to remove all the teeth and wear a denture.  All too often, patients who have tried this approach find out the hard way that a denture does not look, function or feel like natural teeth, and it rarely solves the problem the way they had hoped.  In fact, many denture patients find that rather than solve their dental problems, they have just traded them for a new set of problems.

Common Denture Problems

Dysfunctional dentures are common, especially in patients who have been missing their teeth for a long time.  Because your jaw maintains it’s size and shape only when there are natural teeth present in the bone, edentulous patients find that their jaw changes size and shape considerably over time.  The unstimulated jaw bone shrinks away and the process is accelerated when a denture is sitting atop the gums applying pressure on a constant basis through normal activity like eating and talking.  As the jaw bone shrinks, the denture becomes loose or does not fit properly.  In a mild case, the denture can be adjusted or relined in order to create a better fit, but the process will continue in a vicious cycle until the jaw bone has receded so severely that it can no longer hold a denture in place, even with denture adhesives.

In addition to loose dentures, many patients find that it is impossible to eat the foods they used to enjoy.  Biting and chewing can become difficult because a denture does not provide the stability and strength of natural teeth.  Some patients also complain of problems such as denture sores and painful dentures.

How Dentures Make You Look Old

bone loss with dentures

Loss of Vertical Dimension

The physical changes in the jaw which occur with the loss of the permanent teeth affect more than function.  They affect appearance as well.  As the jaw bone shrinks, the face changes shape.  As the bite changes, the jaws no longer come together properly.  Over time, the distance between the nose and the chin shortens in a condition called “loss of vertical dimension”.  It is the shrinkage of the jaw that causes the hollow, overclosed and sunken facial appearance that makes a person look much older than they really are.

How To Restore Dental Function, Facial Appearance and Ditch Your Denture For Good

Dental implants have long been favored by dentists and oral surgeons as the most reliable, natural and functional way to replace missing teeth.  Advances in implant dentistry make it possible for almost any denture-wearer to regain dental function and stop the progression of bone loss in the jaws.  Because dental implants are placed directly into the jaw bone, they act as a synthetic tooth root, stimulating the bone and preventing the progression of loss of vertical dimension.   Reliable and predictable, dental implants are 97% successful over 50 years.  This means that there is a very strong likelihood that tooth replacement with dental implants will last you the rest of your life. Providing a strong foundation for restoration of a complete dental arch, implants restore a patient’s ability to bite and chew unencumbered.  In addition, appearance is preserved, comfort and functionality are restored.  Dental implant patients never have to worry that their denture is going to click, slip or fall out during normal activity.

For more information about whether ditching your denture for dental implants is the best option for you, click here.


Statistics provided by AAOMS http://www.aaoms.org/conditions-and-treatments/dental-implants/

August 14, 2013

Advances in Bone Grafting For Dental Implants: Read This Before You Have A Dental Bone Grafting Procedure

Dr. Chilcoat @ 12:22 pm

dental implantIf you have done any research on your own about dental implants and replacing missing teeth, then you know that often times, the jaw bone must be prepared to hold an implant with a mysterious procedure called a “bone graft”.  It sounds very scary, and you might find yourself imagining all sorts of scenarios that might explain exactly what bone grafting is.  The truth is, dental bone grafting is a very delicate and advanced treatment which is designed to restore both the width and the height of the jaw bone, which may have been lost due to tooth loss, periodontal disease or other disease or trauma.

Know Your Bone Graft Lingo

There are as many ways to perform a bone graft as there are oral surgeons.  There are also hundreds of products available which all promise to deliver an excellent bone graft result.  In truth, most bone grafting products are sufficient for use under certain circumstances.  When it comes to your jaw bone and the success of your dental implant procedure, it is important that you understand the differences in available treatments so you can make the decision that is best for you.

Advances In Dental Bone Grafting- Platelet Rich Fibrin

platelet rich fibrin in dental bone grafting

Platelet Rich Fibrin in Dental Bone Grafting

For many years, orthopedic surgeons have used platelet rich fibrin (PRF), a substance extracted from a patient’s own blood, to help give the healing process a jump start when performing surgery on bone. PRF stimulates bone growth, soft tissue growth, and promotes healing.  Using PRF in oral surgery procedures is a cutting edge, advanced procedure which has proven to drastically impact the success of dental bone grafting procedures.  When used in a bone graft, sinus lift procedure or ridge augmentation procedure, growth factors in PRF provide a naturally occurring kick start to the healing process, instantly providing the equivalent of up to 3 days healing time.

PRF can also be used in soft tissue grafting and tooth extraction sockets, including wisdom teeth, to reduce healing time and prevent dry sockets.

Bone grafts performed utilizing this advanced technique demonstrate more predictable results, more successful grafts and faster healing.  Ask about PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) before you have a bone grafting procedure performed.  If your oral surgeon does not utilize PRF in grafting procedures, give Texas Wisdom Teeth and Dental Implants a call.

Using Your Own Bone

The preferred method of bone grafting involves using either a combination of donor bone and your own live bone cells, or just your own bone in the grafting material.  Just as in anything else, your own cells are the most effective, reliable, and likely to succeed.  The bone used in a graft is most often taken from the back of the jaw (where your wisdom teeth used to be) or the chin.  In some cases, where more bone is needed, it can be taken from the hip or knee.  The procedure to obtain bone particles for your graft is delicate and obtained without significant trauma using a state of the art instrument called a piezo-electric machine.  Using this method reduces trauma to the donor site and provides bone particles in the perfect consistency for dental bone grafting.

Human Donor Bone

Human donor bone is demineralized and sterilized leaving behind an organic scaffold through which your new bone cells will grow.  It is most often obtained from human cadavers, but bovine bone can also be used.  In minor grafting procedures, human donor bone is often recommended.

Synthetic Bone Grafting Material

Synthetic grafting material is usually composed of a combination of one or more of the following: hydroxyapatite and calcium sulfate.  These materials are sometimes used by dentists after tooth extraction to preserve the socket.  Synthetic bone is typically not resorbed by the body, and acts as a scaffold for new bone cells to ingrow.  Using a synthetic graft prior to a dental implant is not recommended by some oral surgeons.

Bone Grafting Consultation

Doing your own research online is a great way to gather information about a bone grafting procedure.  The best way to gather information about your own individual case is to seek the professional consultation of an oral surgeon.  Schedule your consultation appointment today, and make sure you claim your certificate for a FREE consultation and panoramic x-ray on our home page.

Watch a Bone Graft Video


July 22, 2013

Not All Bone Grafts Are Created Equal- Advanced Bone Grafting For Dental Implants

Dr. Chilcoat @ 7:18 am
sinus bone graft for implants

Sinus Bone Graft For Implants

Dental implants are the most successful and dependable form of tooth replacement, but if you have been missing teeth for a long time, your jaw bone structure may no longer be sufficient to support implants.

Your jaw bone is supported and stimulated by the presence of natural teeth.  When teeth are lost, the bone changes shape.  With no tooth root to stimulate the bone, it begins to recede and shrink.  If bone loss has advanced significantly, there will not be enough bone depth or width to support tooth replacement with dental implants.  In cases like this, a bone grafting procedure is required in order to build the bone structure up enough to successfully support implants.

Bone Grafting Procedure

Bone grafting is both an art and a science.  It is important to utilize bone grafting techniques which promote optimal growth of new bone cells.  Dr. Robert A. Weinstein of Texas Wisdom Teeth and Dental Implants has had very good success in advanced bone grafting using the most up to date and modern grafting techniques.

Dr. Weinstein has found that while there are many bone grafting products available such as demineralized human bone, bovine bone and even synthetic hydroxylapetite, the most successful bone grafting procedures are those in which the patient’s own bone is used in the grafting procedure.  Nothing is accepted by the body as readily as a patient’s own bone.  The transfer of live bone cells into an environment with good blood supply is important to bone graft success.  In addition, elements taken from a patient’s blood and combined with growth factor medications help the grafted area to heal and begin producing new bone cells faster.

This technique is especially successful in more complex grafting procedures such as ridge widening grafts and sinus lift grafts.

For more information about advanced dental bone grafting techniques, and whether a bone grafting procedure can make it possible for you to restore missing teeth, contact the office of Dr. Robert A. Weinstein today.


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